Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nate Gets Vaporized

Remember last week, when I thought Natey was getting his first cold? Yeah, it turned out to be RSV. Good times. On Tuesday afternoon, I noticed his breathing was getting really wheezy, so I called the pediatrician on Wednesday and ended up bringing him in to get checked out. They diagnosed RSV and gave us a loaner nebulizer to give him medicine (or to "vaporize him" as Rob kept saying). I couldn't bring him back to daycare for 3 days and had to take him to the doctor for check ups Thursday, Friday and Monday.

With all the snow days and random distractions at work, I seriously couldn't afford to take two days off. So we paid an arm and a leg for Mimi to fly up and help out with Nate on Thursday and Friday. It was worth. every. penny. THANK YOU MIMI! She was a life saver.

Nate was not a fan of the nebulizer, but it needed to be done. And when I brought him back to the doc on Monday, she said he was all good to stop getting nebulized. It turned out to be good that the nebulizer worked for him, because there was a moment at Friday's appointment where his pulsox looked to be getting low enough that we might have to hospitalize him. Thankfully, the nebulizer brought his numbers back up, and now he's on the mend. The doc says he'll be coughing for another week or two.

Have I mentioned how much I love his pediatrician? She's awesome. She's concerned when she needs to be, but not an alarmist. And she really seems to like Nate. She said on Monday, "you're always so HAPPY!" She clearly doesn't remember our first appointment when Nate was but a few days old. LOL.

Well, all this horrible illness sidetracked our efforts to cut out his night feedings. He just needed extra cuddles and we couldn't upset him with less food when he was used to it. Plus, with the sickness, he was waking up many more times during the night. Thankfully, that seems to have passed. Now we're back to the weaning. We've started giving him a bottle when he wants to eat at night and he's eating less and less every night. After all, that's not what he wants at all!

I just read something funny about extra night feedings. Someone wrote, if I'm tossing and turning at night, and my wife offers to get me some cookies and milk, I certainly don't need them. But am I going to say yes? Of course, and I'll probably make a note to wake again the same time tomorrow.

We also started the rice cereal. Nate is not a fan. See?

Actually, not only is he not a fan of the taste, but he seems to have some digestive issues with it, as well. He's barely had three swallows of it over the past 3 days or so, but he still hasn't pooped since Friday. FRIDAY. The nurse told me today that I can give him some prune juice to help it along. Unfortunately, we can add prune juice to the list of tastes that Nate doesn't like. Uh, oh. I see that someone may take after Daddy. Sigh.

Nate's also really getting into his jumperoo. Check it: