Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our First Summer at Grandma and Grandpa's Camp

Well, this year I went too, and Nate and I had a great time. We spent a week in Reno with Grandma and Grandpa, as well as Aunt Julie, Uncle Chris, and Theo the wonder dog. Nate was completely enthralled with Theo. He spent the entire time chasing him around the house and shouting "BAO! BAO!" Only Nate knows what that means.

Here are some vids of said dog chasing:

Seriously, couldn't get enough Theo.

And here are some other vids from the trip:

That last one was Nate's first try with tuna, which he loved. I've since totally broken out my old favorite meal: TUNA CASSEROLE (i.e. Kraft mac 'n cheese with tuna in it). He loved that too. How could he not?

We ate that lunch after taking a walk around a nearby lake and taking Theo to a dog beach. Theo is usually quite the chicken. But he ran headlong into herding like 4 really big dogs. He was yelling, "That tiny fur-less dog is in my pack! He's with me! So you dogs had better SHAPE UP!" It was hilarious. Then he came over and he and another small dog named Sally tried to eat Nate's cheerios.

Here's Theo begging for some cheerios and generally being cuddly:

Here's another one of us at the dog park:

Hangin' in the backyard:

Nate got to play with a bunch of my old toys and other newer ones.

We got some great pics of Nate with Grandma and Grandpa:

Back off, fellas. This tray is taken:

I love Tahoe/Reno in the summer. The best time to visit:

With Aunt Julie:

One of his favorite activities -- pulling out Grandma's baskets from the kitchen island shelves that he can reach. The other shelves had cookbooks, and those were a favorite too.

And if you're tired of the pictures now, here's a lot of words: Nate is becoming quite the master crawler. He now recognizes when he comes to an edge, he shouldn't keep going (e.g. the bed, the top of the stairs). That's not to say I'm letting him crawl willy nilly all over the house and off high ledges. This is when I have a hand on him. But he peers over and realizes that's not a place he wants to go. He's started crawling up the stairs, with a little help. It's oh, so exciting.

He's also been babbling up a storm. His favored "words" appear to be the abovementioned "BAO," "dadoo," and "yah-yo." He's also started saying "uh-oh." It's so adorable. See?

He doesn't actually know what it means. He's just repeating us. But it's still cute.

Nate also seems to be dropping down to one nap. It's probably mostly the result of being in the mobile infants room at daycare now. They only do one nap for most kids (though they'll accommodate two). He seems to be doing quite well in the new room. He's apparently loving the daycare finger foods and trying to eat other kids bottles as soon as they put them down. That's my son.