Friday, October 15, 2010

Natey Gets His Hairs Cut

Remember when the little dude had his first pickle not too long ago?

Starting to look a little shaggy, no? Well, check it, folks:

And the back:

The pickle enjoyment was increased ten fold by the decrease in shagginess, I assure you.

Nate's Very First Haircut wasn't too fancy. We just hit up the Hair Cuttery. He sat in my lap and generally groused about it. But then we got some of his hair taped to a Very First Haircut certificate, so it was all good.

I caught a bit of it on video at the beginning, but then he got fussy, so I used the camera to distract him. No more video. Here's what I got:

He totally freaked out when she brought out the blowdryer. I think we'll be staying away from that contraption for another year or so. It wasn't pretty. But his hair is! Check out the results:

You can hear him in that video say "hi." He's been saying it a lot. That, and "uh oh." He said it before, but now it means something to him. He usually says it when he drops something. Here's him saying "hi" again, with me discussing the haircut video:

And here's a video of Nate being sweet with his bear and then stealing Daddy's glasses:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Y'all are Going to Hate This Post

This is the part where I talk about how terrible I am about updating the blog. Yadda, yadda, yadda. And then here's the part where I prostrate myself in front of you because this post doesn't have so many pictures and videos, and the ones I'm posting, you've already seen on Facebook. GET OVER IT. I've been busy. Doing what? Enjoying my awesome kid.

Seriously, you guys. He's super fun. He's doing things like standing up on his own (ok, only once), and crawling up the stairs (a favorite activity). And he's loving push toys. He used to push them on his knees, but he's doing it walking more and more, these days. At first he would use anything he could find that would move like a push toy:

Here's another one:

(Like how I cut off the vid as soon as he starts getting the least bit whiney? That's so I can pretend that he's a perfect angel who never whines. If a child whines in a forest and his mother pretends he didn't make a sound, does she still want to ram a pencil in her ears?)

But I got him another push toy of his own to use. It has clacking alligators. Good stuff. I later realized maybe one of those little shopping baskets would have been better, as he likes to put toys on top of the alligators and then push them in front of him.

He's learned to clap:

He likes to clap when I sing the hokey pokey, which I do every night while I put on his PJs. It's the only way he's happy to sit still and let me dress him. Otherwise, he's yelling, "I'm tired! Put me in bed, you wretched woman!"

He's doing great with his finger foods, eating them almost exlusively. We've discovered he likes pickles:

And really anything he can hold on his own and bite. Bananas are a particular favorite. We've been going through a lot of those. So far, something he does not enjoy is milk. We've been giving it to him in a sippy cup for about a month now and he usually throws it on the floor. He loves water in the sippy, so it's clear the taste that he's not digging. I'm thinking it'll be a rough transition from formula. But we'll see how it goes. Whee!

He's also been getting taller. I can always tell when he has a growth spurt because I have to move things out of his reach that he couldn't get to before:

I cannot believe this baby boy is almost an ENTIRE YEAR OLD. It really blows my mind. For his very first birthday, we got him a toybox/bench. It's got a xylophone and tumblers with bells inside. So far, he loves chewing on the xylophone sticks the best. I love the fact that I have somewhere to put all his toys. I know we've got a few weeks left until the birthday, but I figured it was better to go ahead and put it together and get the big box out of the way. He'll have plenty to open at his crazy fun party (with balloons!).

Last week, I spent four days in Nashville for work, and Nate and Daddy had an awesome time together, just the two of them. When I got home Friday night, Nate was having some trouble sleeping, so I went in to calm him down, but he wasn't having it. He wanted Daddy, which was both wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time. The next morning, however, he was happy as ever to see me. When I asked for a kiss, he even gave me one (he never does that).

Nate's been saying some new words, although it's hard to tell what's just babble and what are actual words that have meaning. He definitely says mama and mum to mean me, which is cool. Apparently, he said "mum" a lot while I was in Nashville. He also says dada and, like his cousin before him, "dee-dah." It's super cute. He definitely says "done." I'm pretty sure he also says "baba" meaning bottle, as he seems to say it just before he'll be getting one. But then he also seems to say "baba" to refer to other things too. Who knows.

Also, I swear a few days ago he said his own name. Every night after his bath, I pick him up in his towel and we say goodnight to Nate and Mommy "in the mirror." Recently, he's been super excited about that part of our ritual and he lunges for the mirror with his wide mouthed smile. Well, the other night, he pointed at himself in the mirror and said "Neet!' At least, that's what I heard.

Alright folks, that wasn't so bad, right? At least there was one new picture.