Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed In

I suppose I should post a picture of the fat flakes blowing about outside my window, but it's Saturday (ha, like days of the week mean anything to me right now), and I'm too lazy to take a picture. Looks like Nate's first Christmas might be a white one, if the cold stuff sticks around for a week.

Yesterday for the first time, Nate was actually interested in a story I was reading him. We read The Hungry Caterpillar and he loved it. I guess he's now starting to become interested in bright colors as well as black and white. He's also awake for longer stretches and smiling much more often. See?

Don't you just want to spend hours kissing those cheeks? I certainly do (want to, that is). And Nate is surprisingly tolerant of me kissing all over his face. Can't help myself.

Nate's also become used to his bedtime routine, which is awesome. We do a bath and then I swaddle him, top off his tank, and plunk him in his crib. Last night, he was being quite fussy because he was tired and screaming "put me in bed please!" The second I put him down on his towel in the bathroom and turned on the tap to fill the tub, he quieted right down. He knew what was coming!

Also, Nate's about to step up into Size 2 diapers. ALREADY. He'll be in college before we know it. And morbidly obese.

Good thing I bought diapers before the snow started falling.

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