Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to the Grind

I started back at work this week, which has been alternatingly wonderful and terrible. Terrible because it's difficult to figure out how to get up and at 'em with baby in town. Wonderful in that I have 8 hours a day when I can pee whenever I like.

This week, Nate is hanging out at home with Grandma and Grandpa while I'm at work. Next week, Aunt Julie takes over. The following week, we'll start daycare part time while Mimi watches him the rest of the day. Then we're all daycare all the time. Yikes! He seems to be doing well without me. Because the world is now so exciting and he can see everything, he doesn't really want to nap anymore. On the upside, he's been taking the bottle with no problems whatsoever. Apparently, I just needed to leave the house? Who knew. Besides all those people on the internet that suggested it.

Poor Nate has been having his first cold. It's nothing too terrible. He's just a little more congested than normal. It seems to be getting better, and I'm already over it after only a few days. Glad the first one wasn't a biggie.

Nate has a new favorite toy. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: if you have a baby, get one of these. It's baby crack. No joke. He'll spend 45 minutes in there, happy as a clam. And it's a great teaching tool for development. After ten minutes, he could already figure out that the lights and music would play when he hit the plastic animals. He's just not coordinated enough yet to be able to make his hands go where he wants them to, so he'd just flail about until he hit it. And now, within a couple days, he already is better at just moving his hand towards the animal that he wants to hit.

It's amazing to see how he's grown. Want a before and after pic? Here's before:

I don't even know exactly when that was. He's no more than a few weeks old, clearly not so used to the big, scary world yet. And here he is a few days ago:

Really starting to enjoy the big boy stroller without the infant seat. Here's another one because he makes such a funny face in it:

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  1. Fatty McButterpants is the cutest baby EVER! I love that face in the last pic. Thanks for sharing it. :)

    I can't wait to hang with him now that he can see! :p