Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nate Rolls Over!

Wow, I'm so behind on my posting. I thought about posting on Saturday, but Nate was THISCLOSE to rolling over three times and I was hoping to get it on video before I posted. I know what you're thinking. The title is "Nate Rolls Over!" Did he roll over? For sure. Twice. Did I get it on video. No. Sorry. But I'll make up for my lack of posting with a bunch of pictures and video down below.

Here's the closest he got to rolling over on Saturday:

After that, he didn't seem much interested in even attempting it again on Sunday and Monday. Well, yesterday, at 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days old, he decided to try it again. It could have been because he was in the midst of diaper free time and had peed himself, and so was rolling over to get away from the wet. More likely was the fact that he had just spit up all over himself and I was attempting to wipe it all off with a burp cloth and he wasn't really enjoying it. That's right, he rolled over trying to get away from me. Whatever gets you there, buddy.

The second he did it, Rob and I whooped in delight and said "yaaaaay Natey!!!" and clapped. He was so startled that he just started wailing immediately. It was hilarious.

What else is new? After a big fat fail with attempting to de-swaddle Nate, I decided to try again with naps today. The first nap went well. He slept for 30 minutes. The second is still in progress. He's currently screaming Rob's ear off after I attempted to put him down about 5 times and he screamed my ear off for about 30 minutes. Good times. I was going to wait until 4 months, but he's consistently breaking out of the swaddle still. After living through Snowpocalypse in December and Snowmageddon this weekend, we're in the midst of Snoverkill right now and I am getting some serious cabin fever. I haven't left the house since Thursday. I guess I needed a project.

Nate also has figured out how to squeal in delight. Check it:

He's also getting crazy adept with his hands. Before, he would flail wildly until he hit the parrot. Now look:

He's also gotten much better on tummy time. He'll last up to ten minutes or so, and even cracks an occasional smile:

And here are some pics just for fun.

Milk drunk Nate is the best.

Here's Nate engaging in his favorite activity. Spitting up:

Ok, his real favorite thing is his bath. See how chill he is when he knows he's getting one?

Here he is apres-bath. He loves to nom on the second towel:

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  1. Haha! Milk drunk Nate is the best. :)

    I hope the next time you have a big snow, it's not until next winter, and it can be called something fun, like snowpalooza!

    It's so exciting to hear all about his development. Glad to hear the deswaddling has gone better since this post. :)