Friday, October 15, 2010

Natey Gets His Hairs Cut

Remember when the little dude had his first pickle not too long ago?

Starting to look a little shaggy, no? Well, check it, folks:

And the back:

The pickle enjoyment was increased ten fold by the decrease in shagginess, I assure you.

Nate's Very First Haircut wasn't too fancy. We just hit up the Hair Cuttery. He sat in my lap and generally groused about it. But then we got some of his hair taped to a Very First Haircut certificate, so it was all good.

I caught a bit of it on video at the beginning, but then he got fussy, so I used the camera to distract him. No more video. Here's what I got:

He totally freaked out when she brought out the blowdryer. I think we'll be staying away from that contraption for another year or so. It wasn't pretty. But his hair is! Check out the results:

You can hear him in that video say "hi." He's been saying it a lot. That, and "uh oh." He said it before, but now it means something to him. He usually says it when he drops something. Here's him saying "hi" again, with me discussing the haircut video:

And here's a video of Nate being sweet with his bear and then stealing Daddy's glasses:

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  1. OMG, how does he constantly get cuter? Loved his put-upon expression when he was getting his hairs cut. And his smile slays me, charms my pants right off.