Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Seven Month Birthday Natey!

I know, I know. Where have I been? BUSY. This whole working mom thing ain't no cakewalk, sweetheart. I meant to do a Mother's Day post where I talked about how I have this new found appreciation of how my mom managed to do it all, but I didn't have time. Oh, the i-rony.

You know who else has been busy? This guy:

He doesn't look all that busy in this pic, but his little mind is churning, believe you me. This kid has got tricks up his sleeve and schemes in the pipeline. Have you seen him crawl yet? Ok, he hasn't actually crawled yet. But he totally wants to. See?

He can basically move every which way but crawling. And walking, of course. He likes to pivot around in a circle and can roll with the best of them. Whereas I used to be able to just put him down and walk away, I now return to sights like this one:

And then we get issues like this:

Yes, it's child-proofing time, folks. I made the mistake of attempting to put child-proof locks on the cabinets under the kitchen sink earlier today. Seven words, people: there has to be a better way. Seriously.

I know what you're thinking. "She left the room and he managed to get himself nekkid?" No, hate to disappoint there. The little man can't undress himself yet. He just rolled himself over and was nowhere near where I'd left him. And how could I resist posting a shot of his cute little hiney?

He's also talking up a storm. His new favorite vowel-consonant combo is "ah-dah-dah-dah!" he says that a lot. Today he started making what sounds kind of like an S sound. But I think he's actually going for a TH sound, because he then started giggling when I said any word that began with a soft TH sound. Check it:

It was hilarious. If you're wondering what that is on his bottom lip, it's a piece of a puff that he actually managed to get into his mouth and eat. We've been experimenting with them, as well as some other chunkier purees. It's a process. He does like the puffs, and he can get one in his hand and even bring it up to his mouth, but he has trouble actually depositing the puff in said mouth. It usually ends up slobbered on and glued to his palm. Then he'll start banging the high chair tray and laughing. He loves to slap surfaces repeatedly, including his knee. It's earned him the new nickname of Bam Bam.

One thing we have discovered is that this kid is definitely not a vegetarian. See?

He always opens wide for meat. He loves chicken, turkey and beef. Although I think he prefers the chicken and turkey. He really doesn't dig green beans, but will eat them if you mix in some apples. A boy after my own heart. Meat and dessert.

He's still digging the bath. He's stitting so well that when I'm not washing his hair, I'll bathe him sitting up. I don't have a picture of that, but here's one of him making a greedy grab for ALL the bath toys.

Sadly, we're back on the nebulizer with Nate. This time, they put him on a steroid and said he should continue it twice a day for a month. A MONTH. It's ridiculous. It's supposedly preventative. God, I hope so. He hates it so much. But now he's started napping while we do it. It just takes forever. I have few precious moments (literally) with this kid on weeknights. I hate that most of that is now taken up by this stupid machine. Also, I would like him to not sound like a saw when he breathes.

In the category of most convenient talents, Nate has started holding his own bottle (well, he's been doing that several weeks now). It's great. I'm running late for swim lessons this morning, so I just pop a bottle in his mouth and as long as I'm holding him (with one arm, mind you) in a semi-reclined position, he's eating away and I can go about the mad dash to get us out the door. So awesome.

Nate and I are off on our second trip together in a couple days. We're going with Mimi to Chicago. First for work and then to visit with Uncle John and Aunt Carrie and cousins Gaby and Chloe. Nate is super excited. Well, he will be once we get there. And once Mom figures out the packing situation already. Rough stuff. We don't get a lot of time with family, but when we do, we always have fun:

But we're going to miss Daddy like crazy:

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I was just thinking how long it had been since I had heard about my nephew, and then I got this gem. Hooray!

    Ok first off, this kid if the best looking little dude around, seriously. So cute. And that first video of him moving around is hilarious! He has such a happy attitude! I love it!

    Nekkid tushy! Yay! Something a loving Aunt always wants to see. :)

    Have fun in Chicago! I want to see my nephew! I am jealous! I better get to see your in August, that's all I gotta say. But he'll be SO OLD then!

    And finally, those pictures with Rob and Nate looking at each other are freaking precious. Love it. Melts my heart.