Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Many Pictures!

Ok, I know I've been missing in action, but I'm making up for it with a bazillion pictures and some video. Here's the goods folks:

Nate's top two front teeth have begun to break through, so no need for him to wish for them for Christmas. He must need all these teeth early because he's such an awesome eater. He is becoming quite the pro at picking up pieces of food AND depositing them in his gaping maw. Unfortunately, he's great at it when the pieces are big enough for him to pick up. But, depending on the food, sometimes that means the pieces are too big for him to eat without choking. It's a fine line. So far he loves rice cakes and basically any kind of baked good or bread product. See?

Ok, you can't see anything. But this was the first cake that Nate got a taste of. Granddaddy's birthday cake, specifically (more on that later), here eagerly anticipated by Nate's cousins Gaby and Chloe.
I also just recently gave Nate some smushed peas and scrambled egg yolks (not together). He loved both. And small pieces of avocado. He's really getting into this chewing thing.

He's getting even closer to crawling too. See?


But he hasn't been practicing it that much because he really just wants to do this:

Seriously. He would do that all. day. long. His new thing is that when he's sitting up, he sort of rocks back and forth on his butt. I call it his boot scoot. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any good video of it yet. He won't boot scoot on command.
Nate has his second work trip with Mom and his second trip via airplane. He did wonderfully. See?

We had a great time in Chicago, first in a hotel and then with Aunt Carrie and Uncle John, along with Mimi, Granddaddy, and cousins Gaby and Chloe. We got to celebrate Granddaddy's birthday. And there was lots of cousin time. They were so nice to share their toys:

Nate had another go at the swings with much success:

Nate also had lots of Mimi time:

We hung out at the lake at the Legenskis' house:

Nate took his first little train ride and his first carousel ride at Blackberry Farm:

It was super hot. Hence Nate's expression on the train. We left soon after that.

The following weekend, we had a great visit from Grandma and Grandpa. They got him all to themselves much of Sunday and all of Tuesday, and they got some great pictures:

Stand me up! Stand me up!

That hair is killing me.

And this past weekend, we all took a road trip down to Charlottesville for cousin Mary's baptism. We had a fabulous time with Mary, Aunt Angela, Uncle Eric, Mimi, Granddaddy and Uncle John.

Nate loved every minute:

He got in some more standing practice:

The baptism also happened to be Nate's first time in a church. Sadly, Rob's son has no sense of decorum:

There was lots of vocalization and banging on this chair, which was better than the previous fussing.
Nate loves feeling new surfaces. This was his first encounter with brick. How exciting:

Here are a couple extra pictures, because my son is adorable and I was playing around with my camera.

Mmmm...spit up....

And here is some video. Nate's first spin at the Peeyanna:


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  1. Finally! Some quality nephew postage! I love the videos! I'm sure you're already aware, but did you know you have just about the cutest baby that ever was?! His eyes are so bright and expressive. I love his smile every time Mimi kissed him. That's my nephew!