Monday, August 2, 2010

To My Future Children

No, I'm not pregnant. I just wanted to let kid number 2 and, who knows, maybe 3, know that a blog for them probably isn't in the cards. I am just the worst blogger ever! I haven't updated in forever. Seriously, I hate Blogger's uploader for multiple pictures, so the thought of writing a post and having to deal with that has seemed not so appealing to me. And, of course, the longer I waited, the more pictures I have to upload. So instead, I'll give y'all some brief info and then just spit out a bunch of pics and video out of order. Enjoy! Ugh.

Nate is crawling all over the place now. He's an expert at it. Full on regular-style crawl. I'll post some vid further down. All the gates are now up (got pics of those too). One of his favorite things for a while was standing holding onto the gate bars and moving back and forth as if to say, "hey! LET ME OUTTA HERE!"

Katherine was here visiting for a few days a couple weeks ago and we had a great time together. Nate absolutely adored her. No joke. She already wants some Nate/Kat time when we're out in Cali next summer. And she brought Nate back a fur hat from Russia. So awesome.

I had my first trip away from Nate (for work). Freedom? Eh. I seriously just missed him the whole time. When I booked the trip, I thought, awesome, I get a little break from baby. I never thought I'd be one of those obnoxious mothers who can't leave their baby for a few days and, you know, have a life and personality outside of their child. But I really did miss him a lot. And because of work, I didn't even get to sleep in anyway. LAME.

We have some momentous news. Nate is transitioning to the Mobile Infants room in daycare later this month. ! I knew it was coming, but when we got the notice in his box at daycare, I just felt kind of sad. I can't believe how fast he's growing. I'm hoping the transition goes smoothly, though I foresee no real problems. Half the kids in his class now are transitioning with him. And he spends about an hour in the Mobile Infants room every morning already, so he knows the room and the teachers. I think he'll mostly miss Miss Tonya, who is the lead teacher in his room and his absolute favorite (and I think the feeling is mutual). It'll be good for him to spend more time around more mobile kids who are crawling and walking. And he'll be reunited with a couple kids who were in his room when he started at daycare but had moved up already. I think they only do one scheduled nap a day in that room, so we'll see how that goes, though I think he'll be fine with that.

Nate's got his nine month appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Yay! It's been three months since his last well visit, so it should be interesting and full of new info. Can't wait to find out his stats.

Y'all ready for some pics and vid? I know you are!

LOL. That's wasn't really Nate's. He only had a pint.

One of Nate's favorite toys. I couldn't leave the keyboard on the stand, because he might pull it down on top of himself. So I just put it on the floor and turn it on when he's in the room so he can make some music. Of course, his favorite thing to do with it is crawl over the top and pull the cord out of the outlet. Fun.

Katherine tried to give Nate a mohawk in the bath. He looked more like Alfalfa.

Here are the baby gates. After trying 3 different gates upstairs, I finally have success! I had to put it between the bannister and the bathroom door, rather than over the stairs, because we have brick behind that wall. The only downside is that you have to go in the bathroom to get past the gate, because it's so big. Oh, well.

Here's Nate's new talent. Sucking his tongue. He loves it.


  1. I hear ya, dude. I have a TON of recipes to post on my blog, and it takes so long they just keep backing up! Even though it's a pain, keep posting them! I love the pictures! I NEED the pictures! Or, ya know, you could always just upload them to Flickr or the Google one and just share the link so I can just view the pictures without a full post and all. Something to think about. ;)

    Holy crap, Nate is seriously the cutest kid ever. I'm pretty sure that's a non-biased opinion. He's really all over the place! Love it. :) I love the first video and his little gurgle screams. So cute. And he's got so many teeth!!!

  2. he's got six right now, and i think he must have more on the way, because the drool has gotten out of control again.

    dude, i can't wait til you can see him in a few weeks. he's just SO MUCH FUN. and SO FREAKIN CUTE. i put him to bed at night and i'm exhausted, but i also miss him and can't wait to wake up with him in the am.

  3. I can't wait to bite into those fat polkas.