Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nate the Jet Setter

OMG, remember when I was going to try to update weekly? Sheesh. So much for that. This kid is FIVE MONTHS OLD! He is such a little person now. He is constantly smiling and giggling and is just way more fun than I ever thought possible. He is still very vocal. He loves to talk and squeal, especially when my coworker and I are trying to talk in the car on the way home from work and daycare. He wants to participate in the discussion! I think his first words will probably come somewhat early. Yesterday, he said "gump!" very matter of factly and then he said "boo." Is gump a word? He clearly was trying to express something with it.

Anyway, the last month has been full of firsts. Firstly of the firsts is, as you know, Nate had his first solid foods. I had to give up on the cereals. He wasn't having it. But now I've reintroduced them into fruits, so at least he's getting his iron. Things Nate seems to like so far are avocado and prunes. He tolerated carrots pretty well too. I think he really enjoys the act of eating, more than the taste. Even when he's making faces about the food I'm giving him, he still gets excited when the spoon is coming and opens wide. It's all practice so far anyway.

Secondly of the firsts is that Nate had his first flight across the country! I had a trip for work, so Nate came with me to San Diego to visit with Aunt Julie and Uncle Chris. I then flew up to Reno to introduce Nate to almost the whole Welco clan. It was great fun. Nate didn't do too badly on the flights, except our jaunt up to Reno, which was 2 hours delayed. No fun. It took him about 3 days to adjust to the time difference, so that's good to know.

Thirdly of the firsts is that, while in SD, we took Natey swimming for the first time! What with our seemingly endless winter, I've been itching to get this kid in swim diapers for quite some time. I think he lasted all of two minutes in the water. It wasn't really warm enough out, but it was still fun to try. Here, see for yourself:

Are you feeling bombarded with all the firsts? Steel yourself for another one, folks, because this guy has got his first tooth!

Ok, this picture is totally blurry, but it's there, I swear! So far, he hasn't bitten me. Well, hard anyway. We'll see how that goes....

Want some more pictures? Here ya go:


  1. Yay! Big couple of weeks for the little guy! I absolutely loved having you both here! Don't forget he got to meet a dog for the first time! Unless he's met a dog before. I didn't think he had.

    Sorry those kids came through so loud in the video. "You were drowning me!!!" lol!

    He is totally smiley and happy. I love it! What a fun baby!

  2. D'oh! I totally knew I had another "first" in there but I couldn't remember what it was.